What you need to know about licenses:

To hunt for Montana trophy bull elk, you of course have to apply for a license. Montana sells elk and deer tags together in a combination tag.  Or separately for elk or deer only. You are responsible for obtaining your hunting licenses and tags. In Montana you apply to Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks . Montana no longer accepts paper applications so you must apply online.  You need  to apply before March 15. Your chances are really good in the draw, but in the event you are not drawn through no fault of your own, we will either refund your deposit or apply it to another hunt of your choice within the following year. No refunds if you apply as a party.                                        

Montana Bear licenses are also available online. Montana sells the black bear license under the miscellaneous application. In order to get a bear license you must take a bear identification test and pass.

If you need assistance with either of these, please contact us and we can help you through the process.