Bear References

Bear References:

Randy Blood
New Brighton, PA

Sam Routson
Winnemucca, NV

Todd Perrine
Snowshoe, PA

Jeff Johnson
Albert City, IA

Jason Biaocco
Ann Arbor, MI

Josh Atwood
South Jordan, UT

Luke King
Mitchell, IN

Jusin Viesta
Wilton, CT

John Baldwin
Great Falls, MT

Tom Lenning
Benbrook, TX

Frank Lio
Port Chester, NY

Cody Bardwell
Garland, UT

Jeff Bivens
Johnstown, PA

Steve Jones
Morrison, TN

Nate Johnson
Yonkers, NY

Adolfo Valdez
Midlothian, TX

Rifle Elk References:

Rifle Elk References:

Buddy Wilson
Sanger, TX

Ryan Johnson
Watford city,ND

Daniel Peugh
Corinth, TX

Dennis Hendrickson
Ishpeming MI

Wendall Lybrink
Howell, MI

Nate Golm
Fort Wayne, IN

Tyler Erb
Lancaster, PA

John Zgura
Emmas, PA

Ray Henry
Alpena, MI

Nick Zayakosky
Star Junnction, PA

Frank Leto
Tampa, FL

Kristi Lynn
Sanger, TX

Graeme Kelly
Sunnyvale, CA

Dave Mees
Mandan, ND

Todd Perrine
Snowshoe, PA

Doug Logue,
Westminster, MD

Archery References

Archery References:

Trace Freeman AL 205-764-4007

Absolute outstanding hunt! Mr. Wayne was my guide and I loved every minute of it. I killed an awesome bull on the third morning that grossed 336. That will be tough to beat in the years to come. I really felt at home with everyone at Wayne Hill’s. all of you guys are great at what you do and the food was better than you could ever imagine. I will definitely be back every chance I get.

John Mark Livingston AL 205-764-4140

Wonderful experience. Smiley was my guide. He did a great job. Trace Freeman came with me and killed a great bull with Wayne. We heard several bulls but just didn’t kill. Unfortunately I had to leave for home on day 4 and go home. Mrs. Annette can really cook. Without her great food and all the great guides I don’t know how it would be. Great place and we will be back.

Todd Cox ND 701-301-9994

Wayne Hill Outfitting is an absolute top notch operation. guides are all very knowledgeable, friendly and professional. Lodge is an awesome atmosphere to in in. Food is great…no matter how hard you work I think you actually gain weight while here. I am very pleased with my first archery 5×5 bull. I will be a repeat customer and would definitely recommend this place to anyone. I had a great experience here.

Nick Degol PA 814-931-9729

I cannot say enough good things about Wayne Hill Outfitting. From the amazing food to the atmosphere to the knowledgeable guides. Everything was top notch. I was fortunate enough to kill my first elk (5×5) on the first day. Mark was my guide and we hit it off right away. I don’t think I have ever seen a group of guides work harder. I will be coming back next year. If you are looking for a top notch archery elk hunt, look no further.

Shea Bradley TX 713-899-9103

My week with Wayne Hill Outfitting was fantastic. My guide was Dallas and it was the first week of archery season. He was very knowledgeable and did an excellent job of getting bulls to respond. Each day we had bulls answering, but it wasn’t until the third day Dallas and I had an opportunity at a very large 6×7 herd bull. WE got to within 40 yards, then he took his cows and left. On the 6th day I connected with a good 5×5 bull.

Helen Pare’ FL 772-678-9100

first time hunting with Wayne Hill. So much fun. My husband and I both hunted the same week. Food was great and lodging always clean and tidy. Everybody ate together and talked over our hard day of hunting. The outfitter and guides were first rate. I had the best time and learned a lot abut bow hunting. My guide Jared was very patient and worked very hard to find me a bull elk. The owners, Wayne and Annette were awesome, great stories and company.

Paul Pare’ FL 772-286-9522

My second trip with Wayne Hill Outfitting. My guide Jake and I hiked hard for 7 days. First day heard 6 bulls. Called a small 4×4 to 50 yards, no shot. Heard bulls 5 out of 7 days, but not close the deal on any of them. Full moon didn’t help. Great company in the lodge. The food and lodging are excellent! Wayne and Annette are great hosts and all the guides were great. Jake was fantastic! WE were close. We will be back again.

Jack Whitson, TN 615-533-8151

Hunting with Wayne Hill Outfitting for my first elk archery hunt was an awesome experience! The accommodations and food was excellent. Paul did an amazing job guiding me through the rugged terrain and called in 3 nice bulls. Even though I wasn’t able to connect and close the deal, I look forward to returning for some unfinished business.

James Maciuk, TN 615-405-7611

Wayne and his crew did an outstanding job. Jared, my guide, put me on a bull. but I missed. They worked super hard everyday to make it happen. food and accommodations have been top notch. I will be back.

Jess Camera, OH 216-276-5019

Enjoyed our entire week. Wayne and Annette run a first class operation. Beautiful lodge, great food and knowledgeable guides. Jason (aka Smiley) got me into elk and places I didn’t think I could make it into. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a quality archery elk hunt.


Jack Vaughn LA 225-588-3808 (2019)

What an amazing week!This is my second consecutive year to hunt with Wayne Hill Outfitters and their team were even better the second year. Guides – while I would have confidence in any guide they would have assigned me with, I was fortunate enough to hunt with Mark for the second year. Mark worked hard every single day to put us into elk. 6 of 7 days we were in elk.While I squandered an opportunity Day 1, Mark worked diligently every single day to put us back in position to succeed and damn near did on day 6. Unfortunately the elk didn’t know he was supposed to take another step!Zero doubt in my mind that I will be back for a 3rd hunt with Wayne and crew. Hopefully as soon as next year

Jack Vaughn, LA 225-588-3808

These guys will give you all they have to put you on the bull you’re looking for. The lodge is super clean and comfortable. The food is nothing short of amazing. The guides will truly give you everything they have to get you in position for the shot. If you are looking for a public land hunt in Montana, this is the place.

Kevin West  360-921-5833

Wayne Hill Outfitting exceeded my expectations on every level. This outfit will provide you the best in meals, experienced guides, very comfortable accommodations, and customer service from the time you arrive until the time you depart. I took a nice 5×5 bull and am grateful for the “all in” mentality of the staff that made it possible. This was an amazing place to hunt and hope to be back much sooner than later!

Kevin Villines    360-907-8518

Sept 17′. Wayne Hill Outfitting is a first class, 5 star, kick ass, well oiled machine! We did a 7 day archery elk hunt, and had a great time. All of the guides are top notch and know their stuff. Found bulls everyday except one, and had a chance at a nice bull. The food is great (and plenty of it), and the entire staff at the lodge made us feel like family. I highly recommend this guide service! Be warned: if you want the most out of it–be in good shape! This isn’t Kansas……and be sure and give Wayne a hug on your way out.

Dan Trimmer 717-870-4539 (2019)

Hunt number 6. Had a great week. Had a close encounter on  day 3 that needed one more step for a shot. Unfortunately the wind changed and the bull spooked. On day 5 had another close encounter but bull never cleared the bush. On the last day Mark called in a nice 7×6 and I made a good shot. Second year in a row I killed on the last day. Mark my guide worked hard all week and definitely know his business. Wayne and Annette run a first rate outfit. I will be back for number 7.

Dan Trimmer  717-870-4539

Killed nice 5×5 bull, not my first hunt here and not my last.

Dan Trimmer

I have hunted with Wayne Hill 5 times, killing 3 bulls, and have never been disappointed. This past year my guide, Mark, and I hunted hard for 7 days but stuck with it and killed on the final morning. Mark never gave up despite a frustrating week. That’s a testament to how hard Wayne’s guides will work to get clients in front of animals. Wayne runs a great outfit and pays close attention to every detail to maximize every hunter’s opportunity to be successful. Annette runs the lodge as well as any five star hotel. The food is great. Wayne, Annette and the guides are great people who know how to hunt elk and how to make you feel at home. I hope to be back for hunt number 6.

Joe Park,  LA225-718-2291

This was my first year hunting with Wayne Hill Outfitting. I had an absolute blast. My guide was Dallas and he worked hard to put us in elk almost every time we went out. although I wasn’t able to get a shot off, it wasn’t because of lack of effort. He reported back to Wayne daily about where we went and what we saw. Wayne would give him some feed back and mentor him along on where we should go next hunt. The lodge was spotless and very accommodating. The food was fantastic as well. I had the experience of a lifetime and will be back next year.

Joe Camera. OH 440-315-3017

Wayne and Annette run a great operation. Food was excellent, lodge was great. all the guides were extremely knowledgeable about the terrain and how to get on the bulls. Paul was my guide. He had me on bulls the first hour in the woods. He worked his butt off to get me into the elk. Had several times I was able to knock an arrow. Even drew back a few times. Just not able to get a clear shot, but that is hunting. I won’t go anywhere else for my next hunt.

Leon Dunbar  NY  315-681-7830 (2019)

This was my 7th hunt with Wayne and Annette and it was consistently great just like the previous hunts. The knowledge of wayne and his guides is second to none. Micah was my guide. All aspects of his profession are right up there with all of the other guides, who are all great. Micah did everything he could, including busting his ass and mine. He is 25 and I am 60. It just didn’t work out. Saw a great bull the first day, not close enough for a shot. Had a bull close enough the fifth day, but never could see him due to the thick brush. I had a great time and would like to come back. annette, thank you for the great meals and your hard work taking care of us all. Wayne, thanks for everything you do, especially the lively conversation. 2021? Hopefully!

Leon Dunbar NY   315-681-7830  

I had two opportunities, one at 10 yards and one at 50 yards. Saw 6 different bulls

Leon Dunbar
Every aspect of the week long hunt was excellent as always! As long as you guys are in business, I will never hunt elk anywhere else! Planning on 2019! Can’t wait!!!  Leon

Jeff Null 717-479-0904 (2019)

My fifth trip with Wayne Hill and it will hopefully not be my last. Hunted with Jason and he put me on a bull on day two. In a bad position to use my range finder so we guesstimated 40 and he was at 50. shot underrneath, unscathed. Jason (aka Smiley) is a GREAT GUIDE who has gotten bulls in front of me on every trip. Next time we WILL seal the deal.

Jeff Null 717-479-0904 (2019)

My fifth trip with Wayne Hill and it will hopefully not be my last. Hunted with Jason and he put me on a bull on day two. In a bad position to use my range finder so we guesstimated 40 and he was at 50. shot underrneath, unscathed. Jason (aka Smiley) is a GREAT GUIDE who has gotten bulls in front of me on every trip. Next time we WILL seal the deal.

Jeff Null 717-479-0904


Todd Perrine  814-353-4036  (2019)

Had bulls 4 out of 7 days. Wounded a nice 6×6, but did not recover. Passed on a 5×5 and chased herd bull for hours. Great hunt. My 16th time here.

Todd Perrine       814-353-4036

This was my thirteenth hunt with Wayne and Annette, 8 of the hunts were archery elk. The first morning at 8AM Wayne called in a nice 5 x 5 inside of 25. Every archery hunt at Wayne Hill’s I have taken the shot or passed.

Jason Kaufman 812-276-6151

Couldn’t of asked for a better place to go for my first elk hunting experience. From the guides knowing every inch of mountain, to coming back to some of the best food and laughs you could ask for after a long day hunting. Had bulls within 50 yards and was able to put down a 4×3. Will be back next year to try and get another bull.

Jerry Reed NY 315-771-6423

I had a great hunt. Wounded a bull on day 4. Smiley and I hit it off great. He did a great job taking my fat ass to where I could go. Ended my hunt on Fat Man Rd and giant cedars. Thank you to Jason and all of you.

Chuck Meyers NY 315-405-1548
Jared my guide was a great guy. We walked some miles. Saw lots of game, bear.deer.rabbits, mule deer etc. I had a chance on a cow. Jared also called in two spikes at 15 to 20 yards. Also had a nice bull at 80 yards. We heard bulls everyday except the first day. I plan to come back! Wayne and Annette are great people, great food and lodge. All the guides are great to hang out with. I hope to be back.

Duane “Ozzy” Osmunson, WI 920-973-1733

First of all I would like to thank everyone at Wayne Hill’s for making a lifetime dream come true. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience for my first elk hunt. I was able to kill my bull on the first morning out. My guides Jared and Micah were not only knowledgeable on calling and getting the bull in close, but are great guys to be on the mountain with. And a huge thank you to all the guys that went and packed it out for me. I can’t thank you all enough for the experience. TOP NOTCH!